You might not feel like going to work some days, but you will still reach for your fabric lanyard 

Super soft, super comfortable and only available from Beads en Folie

You could say this is a family business.  My fabric lanyards feature hand painted designs by my brother (@yveskervoelen) and are exclusive to Beads en Folie.

Bright, fun and mood-lifting designs, printed on canvas fabric and finished with a black leather piece engraved with my brother and I’s logos. With a strong black lobster clasp and breakaway safety clip for quick release, your items will never go astray. 

Perfect for teachers, nurses, fashionistas and serial key-misplacers.

  • Only 20 lanyards produced per design (limited edition) meaning there is only a 5% chance you’ll run into someone in Australia wearing the same design as you
  • High quality materials meaning your new lanyard will probably outlive you

Lanyards are 45cm in length from the safety clip to the lobster clasp

Delivered to your door in eco-friendly packaging which is reusable and recyclable to reduce our impact on our environment – no fluff here!