Instruction to design your own products

Always wanted to design your own accessories online?

Your wish has finally came true… 

Instruction to design your own products:

1: Look though the homepage or “make your own” category to develop an idea of what kind of products you would like

All your ideas are running through your head and you want to get started? 

2: Go under the category: "Make your own'. The price is $0 or $5 as this is the base price. Once you choose your product the price will be change depending on the type of beads you are choosing. 

A: Double keychain

B: Lanyard

C: Bag tags 

D: Hat tag  

3: Look at the model at the top of the page 

4: START DESIGNING – choose your beads, if you want to change your bead, click on it again. 
5: Click “NEXT” at the bottom to go to the following bead.

5: Check that you are 100% happy with the product you have designed 

6: if yes, checkout, clap to yourself, relax and... let me do the rest! 

👉👉Please note: the colours might be slightly different to what you see on the screen.